What was #MapsandApps?

The “#MapsandApps” project used crowdsourcing techniques were used to find out what smartphone applications people were using to maintain and improve their health outcomes. It also identified where the NHS could actively develop applications as unmet need was evidenced.

Dr Shaibal Roy (@SR_Disrupt)

Dr Shaibal Roy (@SR_Disrupt), a member of the Future Forum, is one of our keynote speakers at the Digital Health Conference in Leeds on Friday 29th June. He will be talking about leading the #MapsandApps project.

#MapsandApps Video Tutorial

Dr Roy has kindly provided this material to give some background knowledge of the #MapsandApps project.Please watch these three short videos.

#CareApps- the next stage

At the Digital Health Conference in Leeds on 29th June, we will be examining in more detail the next steps forward in this process- a new crowdsourcing project- the introduction of #CareApps.