These are our suggested Learning Outcomes for participants at our Digital Health Conference and Hack. They are designed as a guide and not to act as limitations on what you may learn, so please feel free to add in the comments your own ideas about what you would like to gain from attending our event.

Thanks to David Foord of NHS Direct for his assistance in drafting these Learning Outcomes.

Learning outcomes:

Individuals may aim to:

  1. Improve personal understanding of challenges and opportunities.
  2. Accurately self-assess and define current personal digital and social media use.
  3. Identify specific ways to improve patient experience and outcomes.
  4. Identify specific ways to improve own experience of providing / managing services.
  5. Identify specific ways to enhance personal and professional development.
  6. Develop a personal plan of action to increase skills and confidence in the use of digital and social media.

Organisations may aim to:

  1. Specifically define benefit to staff and patient / public populations.
  2. Identify specific strategies to improve patient experience and outcomes.
  3. Enable engagement and harvesting feedback from patients and public.
  4. Recognise and enable improved efficiency and effectiveness of professional development of staff.

Strategic and policy-level aims to:

  1. Identify specific strategies for supporting patients and public in making informed decisions about access to services and health choices / self-care.
  2. Support organisations to enable change.
  3. Exploit opportunities for professional development of health and social care workforce.
  4. Facilitate mechanisms for ensuring engagement and harvesting feedback.