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UsefulApps was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition.

This idea was championed by Ron Strong (@RonStrong), in response to the information given at the Digital Health Conference about the #MapsandApps crowdsourcing exercise.   He is working on this app to encourage service users to remember to take the correct medicaions and attend appointments. His app will be MHRA compliant, as this was identified as a drawback of the medication reminder apps surveyed as part of the #MapsandApps project.

Ron is actively seeking support and funding to take this idea forward, if you’re reading and want to fund the development of this project then please do get in touch! (I’m looking at you, @HANDIhealth!)

Please see Bambuser for the full content from the chatroom

Ron’s idea is presented in this video interview by Andrew Marran, who works as within HE as a business adviser and is also a local Trust Governor.


…and maybe the NHS Future Forum?

I’m delighted to share with you this guest post from Dr Shaibal Roy of the DH Future Forum, who is speaking at the Digital Health Conference tomorrow.

On Friday I am going to present an account of the Maps and Apps crowdsourcing project. I decided to ‘flip’ my presentation, i.e. try to use the opportunity to present as an opportunity to collaborate, with presentations shared in advance on YouTube.

I often find the discussions at the end of presentations to be the most useful part, yet there always seems to be time pressures that curtail the Q&A.

So IMHO the main implication of sharing presentations in advance is that we can spend more time working together, asking each other detailed questions and challenging the answers.

Which also seems relevant to the NHS Future Forum.

The Open Future Forum

With your help and critical friendship, I’d like to help influence the NHS Future Forum to ‘flip’ and invert the classic engagement model of experts reaching out to their communities.

As a result of MapsandApps, I am convinced a crowdsourcing approach will help us take more futuristic concepts for health and social care (disruptive) innovation, for example, Apps, Social Media, Big Data, etc, to a useful starting point for shared and distributed actions.

What do you think of a flipped NHS Future Forum? Would you contribute?

So what?

Yesterday I saw something about “Digital QIPP” and I will try and read about it before my presentation. I think our conversations, online and offline, will influence new approaches to the Nicholson challenge, and I look forward to exploring this with you tomorrow.

Shai (@SR_disrupt)