HealthShare was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition. The idea was submitted by a team comprising Mark (@PontoonDock), Imran (@_ImranAzad), and @Ermintrude2.

This idea would comprise a social network listing specialty areas of practice of health and social care professionals centred around physical locations and external to the closed networks of individual providers, speeding up referral times and accuracy of referral.

Communication breakdowns are a perpetual issue in health and social care, and the problem is particularly relevant as we aim to increase integration of these services, despite them still being delivered by isolated organisations. Crossing those organisational boundaries will remain an important issue for all working in health and social care, and all who benefit from the services either directly or indirectly. Healthshare is a brilliant solution to perpetual problems due to silo-working, and reliance on personal networks of health professional when deciding on referrals.

Please see Bambuser for all the content from the chatroom during the presentation.

Is Healthshare your favourite? Coming soon… the next submission at the Digital Health Hack.