Leeds is a forward thinking, dynamic City. That’s one of the reasons why we are hosting the #digihealthcon in Leeds. I have become aware of a project called Leaders for Leeds, which is a good example of how we plan to make our City even better. Please see the blog, here:  http://leadersforleeds.com/

Citizen led development

For citizens within the City,  it can sometimes feel that the institutions we have would do a lot better if they listened to what we want, and supported our communities to take the actions we want to to improve our lives. To achieve this, we must be engaged and involved with the decisions being made, not merely to have the decisions broadcast at us.

Lots of these initiatives would have the added benefit of saving the City money.

Digital innovation in health and social care

Telehealth and Telecare are examples within Health and Social Care that can be acceptable ways for people living with long-term conditions, disability and sickness to remain as independent as long as possible in their own homes.

E-consultations, electronic prescribing, and mobile working by workers in the health and social care sectors could make it much more convenient for people receiving the services.

Innovations such as these allow services to be re-designed around them to achieve cost savings. But many of these solutions come at an initial cost, even when they are expected to produce a return on investement.


It may be the case that the people making decisions about how to commission the services we need in the city may give money to one project, run by one institution. This may then result in the amount of money available to another institution is reduced. Perhaps this is a useful way for the lay person, the citizen, to understand the basis of the “silo working” that frustrates us when we just want the service improved, and may be less concerned which institution/s are delivering it.

These issues must be addressed by the leaders in our institutions, who must have the frank conversations with the commissioning bodies (whether they are PCT Clusters, or Clinical Commissioning Groups) about how we can deliver the transformational service re-design and collaborative working that citizens, patients and carers want to see.

Some food for thought

It might be worthwhile to have a bit of a think about what changes you would like to see, both within the City of Leeds and more widely throughout the Country. We will have people in leadership positions at the #digihealthcon- and a  a good cross-section of clinicians, managers, patients and carers. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and make a difference that will really matter.

Let’s start to work out some of these issues. Together, we can.