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“GP Hop” was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition.

GP Hop is a website that enables a patient to find out information about local GP surgeries, including the information listed on NHS Choices and other relevant information such as community languages spoken, ability to communicate by email, and Saturday opening. The patient can then choose to switch surgeries within the site. The site automates the transfer, informing both the GPs involved and the funding body (currently the PCT) about the transfer. It also enables commissioners to track patterns of refusal to take on patients e.g. for ethnic or cultural group discrimination.

The team who developed this remarkable website live at the Hack were based in a local company called xml-solutions, and included GP Amit Jagota, Joseph Waller, Michael Odling-Smee (@oddlingsmee), Pete Cooper (@petecoop), and Dom Crayford (@dogonwheels).

Pete Cooper has written up his reflections of the day here:

Please see Bambuser for content from the chatroom during the presentation

And here is the Live demo

Please see Bambuser for full content from the chatroom during the presentation

So, who was the winner?

Please see Bambuser for the full content from the chatroom

GP Hop was the overall winner of the Digital Health Hack. A well deserved win, accomplishing an incredible task in a very short time frame.

Well done to the team, from xml-solutions, who worked so hard all day.


Digital Innovation and Mental Health

We are not the only innovative digital health event happening this year. For those of you interested in mental health, you may want to check out Mind Tech: an Unconference this Friday, 30th March 2012, if you can get to South London for the day.

Who is behind this event?

This is happening thanks to the kind support of The Young Foundation and the NECLES HIEC (North East London, Central London and Essex Health Innovation and Education Cluster), who are working with people from SI Camp (Social Innovation Camp), UCL Partners and Goldsmith’s.

I have previously blogged work done by Dan Mcquillan who is heavily involved with SI Camp and indeed is driving this project. He is a disrupter in the system (and I mean this as a compliment!) and a force for transformational change.

I was very excited when I received the invitation to attend this event, especially since Dan and I had been members of a planning team attempting to spark a mental health unconference a few years ago- perhaps we may yet get to work on an event together!

I’m personally sorry to not be able to attend the Unconference in person, because I feel sure that it will be a fantastic event and that some of the innovations coming out of it will be hugely exciting.

Register for Mind Tech: an Unconference

There is still time to register for this event!

People with lived experience of mental distress are particularly valued during this process, please follow this link and complete the questionnaire in order to be able to attend.

You may follow the Mind Tech blog here:

Please find email addresses of representatives of the London HIEC and Young Foundation here:

This post has been influenced by the author’s recent experience of the Leadership in Practice Programme delivered by the National Clinical Lead for Nursing from the Informatics Directorate of the Department of Health.

Thanks to Ann Cooper who designed and delivered the programme. Ann can be contacted on Twitter as @anniecoops.

Post by @ClaireOT

Our Country faces challenges both in funding and in providing the service the population deserves in the health and social care industries. It is possible that facing these challenges requires us to look at disruptive innovation as a potential solution, in addition to other forms of innovation including process, service and strategic innovations.

What is disruptive innovation?

According to Christensen, disruptive technology has four components, which he models as follows:

Christensen 2009

Christensen states that disruptions must occur within at least one of the three corners of the large triangle for the system to be affected, supported by adapting our regulatory framework to accommodate the innovation.

We know these issues can be hard to address within our usual NHS structures, even though driving forces such as the QIPP agenda are encouraging innovation.

We are aiming to seed an idea of working together for a Health Commons, using a wider “value network” made of our participants, including our partners in Local Authority and private companies. The technologies available to us, now, in the form of digital and social media are both “sophisticated and simplified”.

We aim, therefore, to provide the conditions to develop disruptive innovations and solutions to the issues facing the health and social care industries at the Digital Conference Day and Hack 2012. We need you to come and help!

We hope to see you there.


Bevan, H (2012) Demistifying the I in QIPP. HSJ Blog 24/02/12. [available at accessed 07/03/12 at 21.40]

Christensen C.M. Grossman J.H and Hwang, J. (2009) The Innovator’s Prescription- A Disruptive Solution for Healthcare. McGraw Hill, New York.

An exciting development that we would like to support is the plan to have an NHS Hackday in London on 26-27th of May 2012 @ University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

What is a Hackday?

Hackdays originated in the open source software movement as a technique to advance the development of open source code for benefit of us all, i.e. for the “Commons”.

These techniques have been adopted by other movements for the Commons, including ourselves at the Digital Health Conference and Hack, as we aim to improve the health commons.

The aim is to accomplish this through the development of disruptive innovation- ideas that are radical solutions to the issues we face in the NHS and in health and social care,

When is the NHS Hackday?

26-27th of May 2012

Please see this website for full details:

Where is the NHS Hackday?

University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

What are people saying about the NHS Hackday?

Using a fabulous Tweet aggregator developed by @Dean_Jenkins, I am able to survey recent Tweets and collate a record of them. I intend to do this on a weekly basis to aggregate Tweets for #NHSHackday and for #digihealthcon or #dhc12, and host the results here as a resource.

#NHSHackday Aggregate 04/03/2012

Involved …

@e3intel @carlplant @drcjar @tkelsey1 @HSJEditor @KarlFreeman @WoodcoteEwan @eamonnbreslin

Top resources …

Related tags …

#nhshackday #opendata

See Twitter for more tweets, people, videos and photos for #NHSHackday

@eamonnbreslin @drcjar friends on fb were praising your Nice app, cannae wait for #nhshackday (Sun, 26 Feb 2012 00:09:31 +0000)
@KarlFreeman I wonder if an NHS based @github Hubot would go down well… #NHSHackDay (Thu, 01 Mar 2012 10:31:18 +0000)
@WoodcoteEwan #nhshackday @drcjar Great example of how #opendata can be used in Health should interest @tkelsey1 (Thu, 01 Mar 2012 11:41:40 +0000)
@HSJEditor Calling all software dvlprs, clinicians & others interested in creating ‘disruptive solutions’ via @drcjar #NHShackday (Thu, 01 Mar 2012 18:05:13 +0000)
@tkelsey1 RT @WoodcoteEwan : #nhshackday @drcjar Great example of how #opendata can be used in Health should interest @tkelsey1 (Thu, 01 Mar 2012 18:30:28 +0000)
@carlplant Here are a few NHS data sources for #NHShackday via @delicious (Sat, 03 Mar 2012 14:39:31 +0000)
@drcjar RT @carlplant : Here are a few NHS data sources for #NHShackday via @delicious (Sat, 03 Mar 2012 16:14:27 +0000)
@e3intel RT @carlplant : Here are a few NHS data sources for #NHShackday via @delicious (Sat, 03 Mar 2012 16:26:00 +0000)
@e3intel . @carlplant @drcjar More NHS data sources compiled here with free learning module #NHShackday (Sat, 03 Mar 2012 16:31:00 +0000)

I would suggest that all of the people involved in this movement would be excellent choices to follow on Twitter. If you use a Tweet aggregator such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, you could run a search under the #NHSHackday to pick up on every development as it happens.

If this idea interests you, during the weekend of the #NHSHackday, there may be opportunities to engage online if you cannot get there in person.