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“GP Hop” was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition.

GP Hop is a website that enables a patient to find out information about local GP surgeries, including the information listed on NHS Choices and other relevant information such as community languages spoken, ability to communicate by email, and Saturday opening. The patient can then choose to switch surgeries within the site. The site automates the transfer, informing both the GPs involved and the funding body (currently the PCT) about the transfer. It also enables commissioners to track patterns of refusal to take on patients e.g. for ethnic or cultural group discrimination.

The team who developed this remarkable website live at the Hack were based in a local company called xml-solutions, and included GP Amit Jagota, Joseph Waller, Michael Odling-Smee (@oddlingsmee), Pete Cooper (@petecoop), and Dom Crayford (@dogonwheels).

Pete Cooper has written up his reflections of the day here:

Please see Bambuser for content from the chatroom during the presentation

And here is the Live demo

Please see Bambuser for full content from the chatroom during the presentation

So, who was the winner?

Please see Bambuser for the full content from the chatroom

GP Hop was the overall winner of the Digital Health Hack. A well deserved win, accomplishing an incredible task in a very short time frame.

Well done to the team, from xml-solutions, who worked so hard all day.


HealthShare was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition. The idea was submitted by a team comprising Mark (@PontoonDock), Imran (@_ImranAzad), and @Ermintrude2.

This idea would comprise a social network listing specialty areas of practice of health and social care professionals centred around physical locations and external to the closed networks of individual providers, speeding up referral times and accuracy of referral.

Communication breakdowns are a perpetual issue in health and social care, and the problem is particularly relevant as we aim to increase integration of these services, despite them still being delivered by isolated organisations. Crossing those organisational boundaries will remain an important issue for all working in health and social care, and all who benefit from the services either directly or indirectly. Healthshare is a brilliant solution to perpetual problems due to silo-working, and reliance on personal networks of health professional when deciding on referrals.

Please see Bambuser for all the content from the chatroom during the presentation.

Is Healthshare your favourite? Coming soon… the next submission at the Digital Health Hack.

Active Women Get Tech was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition.

This was a live re-design of a service currently run by Leeds City Council, who aim to support more women in the city to get physically active. Laura Smales, who runs this project, redesigned the service at the Hack, after successfully pitching the idea to her team. You can follow the project on Twitter, please see @ActiveWomenLCC. The team also included Linda Broughton, Emma Cheshire and John (sorry- brain fail for your surname, John, do Tweet me and I’ll edit this!)

Laura anticipates saving 3-4 hours of her working week that was previously spent on administration, as a result of this hack. She has also increased capacity of the project, and added a previously missing peer support element through use of social sharing of goals and progress.

Cost of this service re-design to Leeds City Council? £150 for Laura’s ticket to the Digital Health Conference the day before. The Hack was free. Our thanks to the Chief Exec of the Council, Tom Riordan, for showing his support for the idea by coming and speaking at the Conference, leading by example for his staff and encouraging them to engage with this way of addressing asset-based service redesign.

Please see Bambuser for the full chatroom content

A collection of videos were shot at the Digital Health Hack in Leeds on 30th June 2012. We used the #dhh12 tag, and a post to follow will collate the Tweets during the Hack.

All the video was Live-streamed on our Bambuser channel, and if you view the video there, you can read the chatroom comments that were made during broadcast.

This first post gives the background to the fantastic Hacks that were developed at the Digital Health Hack, which will each be highlighted in subsequent posts.

1. Welcome to the Digital Health Hack

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2. Shout out to #IamSpartacus at the Digital Health Hack

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3. @ClaireOT repeats the shout out to #IamSpartacus

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8. Ready to see your favourite Hacks at the Digital Health Hack?

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