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Sarah Bodell and Angela Hook are occupational therapy educators at the University of Salford.

Sarah Bodell Sarah Bodell

Angela Hook Angela Hook

Sarah’s speciality interests include:

  • E-learning, programme development,
  • online identity for health care professionals,
  • Development and research into using Second Life for virtual practice and education of healthcare
  • online activity and CPD.

Sarah and Angela have a recent article published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy (June 2009), pp. 279-281

Creating a learning community in today’s world: how blogging can facilitate continuing professional development and international learning


Sarah’s role at Salford includes acting as the Professional Lead for the Directorate, and the Admissions Tutor. Sarah and Angela share the role at Salford as the Joint Programme Leaders for the MSc in Advanced Occupational Therapy.

Angela’s speciality interests include:

  • E-learning and using web 2.0 applications for professional development and networking,
  • Social networking tools for professional development

She is also currently engaged in research

  • With a local Trust on the stories people tell: receiving healthcare as a service user
  • Development and research into using Second Life for virtual practice and education of healthcare
  • Online social networking for professional development

Angela’s role at Salford includes teaching and facilitating learning on both undergraduate and post graduate programmes as a Senior Lecturer.

Sarah and Angela are also partners at Yo-Yo Consultancies, offering clients the benefit of a combined total of 42 years within the profession of occupational therapy. In addition they have extensive skills in project management, professional networking, programme design and elearning.

Sarah and Angela are founder members of OT4OT, a group of international occupational therapists in Higher Education who are committed to using the power of the online technology for knowledge sharing.

Angela, along with the OT4OT Team, has opened up new ways of working for Occupational Therapists who wish to engage with online technology. By co-founding this international professional development group, she has ensured a continuing source of high quality professional development resources for worldwide OTs. Thank you- Claire Jones


Abhay Adhikari (familiar to those of us on Twitter as @gopaldass) is confirmed as a workshop leader for the Digital Health Conference, where he will be able to share with us his learning journey about digital identity.

Abhay AdhikariAbhay Adhikari

Abhay is multimedia designer and social media strategist with a research background in education ICT. He setup Dhyaan Design in 2003 and has since worked on a range of global web-based projects with private, public and voluntary sector organizations. Abhay delivers social media training to HE, FE and creative practitioners, as Digital Footprints. He also lectures on themes such as digital audiences and enterprise development.

Do take a moment to watch Abhay deliver a TedX talk about Digital Identity

Abhay has written several pieces for the Guardian around the theme of digital identity- for charities who wish to use social media for campaigning, how schools can use Social Media (avoiding common pitfalls), and building digital literacy in higher education students.

It’s going to be very exciting to hear how we can use our digital identities to enhance our health outcomes!

Places for workshops are strictly limited, so please watch out for the email headed your way soon where you will be invited to make your choices ahead of attendance at the Digital Health Conference

Patient Opinion is a fantastic website where we can leave our opinions about the care we have received. Please watch this short video to learn more about Patient Opinion.

The site enables us to leave positive comments (in fact, most of the comments on the site are positive), so we can learn about the things that matter to patients when selecting a service. People can also leave their concerns and complaints. Less formal than a “formal complaint”, leaving comments here invites the health organisation to state how the information has been used by the organisation to look at how they deliver services and if they have made changes as a result of the information shared.

The site was recently highlighted in the new Department of Health Information Strategy as an example of best practice in showing how we can make a health choices based on quality information about services by other patients.

I’m delighted to confirm that Patient Opinion will be running a workshop at the Digital Health Conference, where we will be able to learn some great tips about using social media to engage with services in our role as patients, and how services can gather valuable feedback and ensure they are responsive to the patient experience. Places for each workshop will be strictly limited, so watch out for an email listing the choices to make heading your way soon.

This short video shows how Patient Opinion can be used by Mental Health Services to ensure service user involvement and to respond to any concerns raised in order to improve services..

It is my pleasure to announce Anne Cooper, the National Clinical Lead for Nursing, Informatics Directorate, Department of Health as our keynote speaker at the Digital Health Conference on 29th June in Leeds.

 Anne Cooper

Information Strategy

Anne will be discussing the recently launched new Information Strategy by the Department of Health. This is essential market information for anyone engaged in delivering health and social care services, as well as for people receiving those services, as it sets out the direction of travel for the use of clinical information throughout the healthcare system in England and Wales.

At the Digital Health Conference

Anne will deliver her talk, after which we will have the opportunity to discuss what she has said with each other, then ask her any questions we may have about how this news impacts on us as patients, carers, health professionals, or suppliers of services to healthcare.

Anne Cooper

Anne has extensive experience in the clinical informatics area, including previous jobs as

Anne is a real advocate that people engaged in health care can realise the benefits of using technology- always with delivering the best care as the goal.

As part of her NCL role at Connecting for Health, Anne has recently been engaged in developing leadership capacity for people working in Nursing and Allied Health Professional roles within the health industry, to ensure that clinical utility remains at the forefront of any plans made by health organisations to implement new technologies.


Bob GannHead of Strategy & Engagement, NHS Choices, Department of Health

Anne brought a very welcome perspective to our work at NHS Choices – sharply clinically focused and with a passion for the real needs of patients and the NHS. In big national programmes there is always a danger of an ivory tower mentality, and Anne always brings us down to earth by being challenging when needed and keeping us focused on real priorities.” January 31, 2012

George DaviesDirector of Clinical Safety, CSC

Anne is a value driven professional with an exceptionally sharp mind. She is clear in her dealings with colleagues and suppliers and is able to translate complex ideas into concepts that professionals at all levels of an organisation can understand…She can apply herself to a range of areas of expertise…She knows what her community needs and is single minded, but fair, in achieving those objectives.” January 30, 2012