Active Women Get Tech was one of the submissions for the Digital Health Hack competition.

This was a live re-design of a service currently run by Leeds City Council, who aim to support more women in the city to get physically active. Laura Smales, who runs this project, redesigned the service at the Hack, after successfully pitching the idea to her team. You can follow the project on Twitter, please see @ActiveWomenLCC. The team also included Linda Broughton, Emma Cheshire and John (sorry- brain fail for your surname, John, do Tweet me and I’ll edit this!)

Laura anticipates saving 3-4 hours of her working week that was previously spent on administration, as a result of this hack. She has also increased capacity of the project, and added a previously missing peer support element through use of social sharing of goals and progress.

Cost of this service re-design to Leeds City Council? £150 for Laura’s ticket to the Digital Health Conference the day before. The Hack was free. Our thanks to the Chief Exec of the Council, Tom Riordan, for showing his support for the idea by coming and speaking at the Conference, leading by example for his staff and encouraging them to engage with this way of addressing asset-based service redesign.

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