Patient Opinion is a fantastic website where we can leave our opinions about the care we have received. Please watch this short video to learn more about Patient Opinion.

The site enables us to leave positive comments (in fact, most of the comments on the site are positive), so we can learn about the things that matter to patients when selecting a service. People can also leave their concerns and complaints. Less formal than a “formal complaint”, leaving comments here invites the health organisation to state how the information has been used by the organisation to look at how they deliver services and if they have made changes as a result of the information shared.

The site was recently highlighted in the new Department of Health Information Strategy as an example of best practice in showing how we can make a health choices based on quality information about services by other patients.

I’m delighted to confirm that Patient Opinion will be running a workshop at the Digital Health Conference, where we will be able to learn some great tips about using social media to engage with services in our role as patients, and how services can gather valuable feedback and ensure they are responsive to the patient experience. Places for each workshop will be strictly limited, so watch out for an email listing the choices to make heading your way soon.

This short video shows how Patient Opinion can be used by Mental Health Services to ensure service user involvement and to respond to any concerns raised in order to improve services..