The #nhshackday or #nhshd, held this weekend has already generated some great work. Here is a quick ethnography hot off the press- how can we build on this at the #digihealthcon and #digihealthhack?

Opening Practices

This weekend I participated in the #NHShackday. It was a fun event, full of eager and earnest work. Having skulked from project to project, a bit in awe at the display of talent. Armed with a small notebook, I wrote my impressions and put them here in the context of my own work, requirements in open source health IT. If anybody requests it, I can provide them with the pictures and videos I took if they want to document the event, or put them online. Just write me an email. Here is the list of all the projects.

Spontaneous organisationNo leviathan here, no pecking order. Everyone a potential member of any team. It was almost frightening to see the simplicity of it all. There is a white board, with name and idea. The name pitches the idea at the beginning of the session for 2…

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