It is my pleasure to announce Anne Cooper, the National Clinical Lead for Nursing, Informatics Directorate, Department of Health as our keynote speaker at the Digital Health Conference on 29th June in Leeds.

 Anne Cooper

Information Strategy

Anne will be discussing the recently launched new Information Strategy by the Department of Health. This is essential market information for anyone engaged in delivering health and social care services, as well as for people receiving those services, as it sets out the direction of travel for the use of clinical information throughout the healthcare system in England and Wales.

At the Digital Health Conference

Anne will deliver her talk, after which we will have the opportunity to discuss what she has said with each other, then ask her any questions we may have about how this news impacts on us as patients, carers, health professionals, or suppliers of services to healthcare.

Anne Cooper

Anne has extensive experience in the clinical informatics area, including previous jobs as

Anne is a real advocate that people engaged in health care can realise the benefits of using technology- always with delivering the best care as the goal.

As part of her NCL role at Connecting for Health, Anne has recently been engaged in developing leadership capacity for people working in Nursing and Allied Health Professional roles within the health industry, to ensure that clinical utility remains at the forefront of any plans made by health organisations to implement new technologies.


Bob GannHead of Strategy & Engagement, NHS Choices, Department of Health

Anne brought a very welcome perspective to our work at NHS Choices – sharply clinically focused and with a passion for the real needs of patients and the NHS. In big national programmes there is always a danger of an ivory tower mentality, and Anne always brings us down to earth by being challenging when needed and keeping us focused on real priorities.” January 31, 2012

George DaviesDirector of Clinical Safety, CSC

Anne is a value driven professional with an exceptionally sharp mind. She is clear in her dealings with colleagues and suppliers and is able to translate complex ideas into concepts that professionals at all levels of an organisation can understand…She can apply herself to a range of areas of expertise…She knows what her community needs and is single minded, but fair, in achieving those objectives.” January 30, 2012