Planning for the Digital Health Conference has continued, and Im pleased to announce the final running order of the day which I will be blogging throughout this week. I will be profiling each of our contributors over the coming weeks, so stay posted for all the details. Some of our speakers will be guest blogging about their interest in this field, and I would like to extend the invitation to everybody interested in this event- if you would like to blog for us about what you hope to learn, and what you hope to gain from and contribute to the conference, just email us at

Firstly, attending the Conference is going to be a very active process. There are a few short talks, but the learning is going to be very participatory and you will all be adding value to our collective experience of the day by getting involved in whatever way you feel comfortable. Balancing this, we have also secured plenty of break-out space that will be available throughout the event. This is to ensure that there will be plenty of places to go and continue any conversations you strike up with the fascinating people at the Conference, and also if you just want some time out with your own thoughts and ideas. Were going to have lots of tea, coffee, snacks, and a buffet lunch provided, so all you need to bring is yourself and any devices you would like to use throughout the event.

We would like to encourage you to add to the learning resources we will be sharing by live-blogging, Tweeting, making short vox pop video etc as the day progresses. There will be opportunity to do this at the event, and you are, of course, welcome to use whatever techniques you like to record and amplify your own questions and thoughts. We will make every effort to engage with the conversations online during and after the event. Were using the hashtags digihealthcon (and digihealthhack) as the overviews of the events and we will be using specific hashtags to collate Tweets related to the different workstreams of the event, e.g. digihealthcon1, digihealthcon2 etc.

We are hoping to build the networks of people engaged in the work around developing digital innovations in healthcare, wherever you work, whatever your role in the health system. All your contributions will be valued. As ever, if you feel there is more we could do to facilitate broader access to the event, do let us know so that we can make any further arrangements. Look forward to seeing you there!