I have come across an exciting example of the way that an internationally leading organisation, the Moorfields Eye Hospital is utilising SNOMED CT terms within an open source Electronic Patient Record which ensures its data collection enables deeper analysis and sharing of clinical data within the organisation and with international partners.

By using a single clinical vocabulary across all healthcare settings, in a way that supports all professions in their electronic record keeping, we will open up more possibilities for data analytics than has previously been possible. Here we consider the options provided through the implementation of a new electronic patient record system at Moorfields Eye Hospital, as well as some of the data analytics options appearing in the marketplace that can aggregate a patient’s data from different care organisations.

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, one of the world’s leading eye hospitals, has recently implemented an open source Electronic Patient Record (EPR) for ophthalmology. To overcome the difficulties brought about by 18 different silos of patient notes from separate electronic systems, imaging devices, emails and paper notes; Moorfields developed OpenEyes.

The system was designed by doctors for doctors to support them in making decisions that have a direct impact on people’s lives.  Prior to OpenEyes, the lack of interoperability between systems, plus a mix of paper records, posed various risks, generally through records not being available at the time required.


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