Digital Innovation and Mental Health

We are not the only innovative digital health event happening this year. For those of you interested in mental health, you may want to check out Mind Tech: an Unconference this Friday, 30th March 2012, if you can get to South London for the day.

Who is behind this event?

This is happening thanks to the kind support of The Young Foundation and the NECLES HIEC (North East London, Central London and Essex Health Innovation and Education Cluster), who are working with people from SI Camp (Social Innovation Camp), UCL Partners and Goldsmith’s.

I have previously blogged work done by Dan Mcquillan who is heavily involved with SI Camp and indeed is driving this project. He is a disrupter in the system (and I mean this as a compliment!) and a force for transformational change.

I was very excited when I received the invitation to attend this event, especially since Dan and I had been members of a planning team attempting to spark a mental health unconference a few years ago- perhaps we may yet get to work on an event together!

I’m personally sorry to not be able to attend the Unconference in person, because I feel sure that it will be a fantastic event and that some of the innovations coming out of it will be hugely exciting.

Register for Mind Tech: an Unconference

There is still time to register for this event!

People with lived experience of mental distress are particularly valued during this process, please follow this link and complete the questionnaire in order to be able to attend.

You may follow the Mind Tech blog here:

Please find email addresses of representatives of the London HIEC and Young Foundation here: